Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Hiatus Update

Since my last post, a number of publication projects have come to fruition:

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, my third book for Auteur, has been published and has met with positive reviews. Joel Harley (at Horror Talk) comments typify the reviews so far when he commented

"It's in-depth, elegant, focused and with a remarkable attention to detail. Rose, an obvious fan and scholar of all things Chain Saw writes with clarity and intelligence… Like any good film criticism/appreciation book, it leaves you wanting to revisit the movie as soon as possible." 

My essay on contemporary British Horror Cinema and a number of reviews of such films will be shortly published in Intellect's forthcoming publication Directory of World Cinema: Britain (Volume 2). Edited by Neil Mitchell, the book builds upon the successes of Volume 1, with my essay looking at the homegrown horror from the Noughties onwards and considers some of the wider, more complex, implications these films offer. The book will be published August 6 and can be pre-ordered, via Amazon, here.

Finally, my entry on Stephen Volk for Lost Souls (McFarland, 2016), has been sent to editors Bernice Murphy and Elizabeth McCarthy for reading and proofing. The text looks at the ever growing body of work being produced by Volk and seeks to find consistency within his work, regardless of medium or platform.

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