Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Studying The Devil's Backbone Review

Issue 48 of the Media Education Journal (Winter 2010/2011) has published a lengthy review of my second book, Studying The Devil's Backbone, by Mary Birch. The review examines the book in some detail and so provides an extensive means by which to critique the text:
"The film is essentially a Spanish horror film and the writer, James Rose, has an impressive background in analysing this type of genre, having written for a number of international journals as well as being the author of Beyond Hammer: British Horror Cinema Since 1970."

"As well as renewing my desire to see and study this film again, I personally found that Rose’s book afforded new facts both about del Toro and the Spanish Civil War."

"I believe this book to be an accessible text both for student and teacher. Explanations of terminology are woven into the analysis in a light-handed manner and the writer demonstrates a scholarly grasp of his material."
Overall a fantastic review and my thanks to Mary Birch for taking the time to thoroughly read the book and to provide such an impressive critique of the text.

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